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The Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club  (RKYSC) Travel Program provides a venue for players to improve their skills and develop their game to the highest possible level by training and playing in a challenging and competitive environment. The Richmond Kickers Travel Program consists of Elite, Classic and U9/10 levels. In addition, the Richmond Kickers are a founding member of Richmond United - a collaborative partnership between the Richmond Kickers and Richmond Strikers which provides an opportunity for the best male and female players to train and play on the Richmond United age appropriate boys and girls ECNL teams.  Detailed information about Richmond United can be found at

Player Pathway 

ELITE TEAMS represent the most competitive teams within the RKYSC structure. 

  • The Elite teams will consist of the top players in each age group beginning at U10. 
  • Teams practice three times per week with a game on the weekend.   They will train at Ukrop Park and/or River City.
  • Depending on the quality and number of players at the tryouts, there could be multiple Elite teams formed in an age group.  
  • Our U10 – U19 Elite teams compete in the Virginia ECNL RL, Advanced Development Soccer League (ADSL) or the National Premier Leagues (NPL). 

CLASSIC TEAMS are generally comprised of U10-U19 players from a single RKYSC geographic location. 

The Classic level represents the second tier of competition within the RKYSC structure. 

  • Teams practice twice per week with a game on the weekend. 
  • Our Classic teams are geographically located throughout the greater Richmond area. 
  • U13 – U19 Classic teams compete in VPSL (Virginia Premier Soccer League).  
  • U10 - U12 teams compete in ADSL (Advanced Development Soccer League).

U9/U10 PROGRAM is the first step on the RKYSC player development pyramid.  

  • The U9/U10 program consists of elite teams and geographically based pools of players training twice a week at their designated geographic area with a game on the weekend.
  • Each location will have multiple developmentally tiered teams.
  • The format for the games is 7 v 7 (6 + GK vs 6 + GK).  

 Geographic areas include:

  • Bryan Park  (City of Richmond / Henrico County) 
  • Collegiate (Goochland / Western Henrico County) teams train at Collegiate Robins Campus.
  • River City (Midlothian)
  • Ukrop Park (Chesterfield County)

Locations that do not have lighted fields will have training at Ukrop Park, River City or Glover Park when daylight becomes an issue. 


 Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club travel teams currently compete in the following leagues.  







  • Players are required to attend three training sessions a week and all games. 
  • Fall season starts early August.
  • U16-U19 teams will have winter training in January
  • U10-U15 Spring season will start mid-February.



  • Players are required to attend two training sessions a week and all games. 
  • Fall season starts early August.
  • U16-U19 teams will have winter training in January
  • U10-U15 Spring season will start mid-February.



  • Players are required to attend two training sessions a week, all league and tournament/festival games. 
  • Fall season starts early August.
  • Spring season starts mid-February. 


U9/U14 Program

  • If a player regularly attends training sessions, displays good attitude and effort to learn and improve, he/she will receive appropriate playing time.
  • All players should play at least 50% of every game.
  • Players should have opportunities to start multiple games.s

U15-U19 Age Groups

  • If a player regularly attends training sessions, displays good attitude and effort to learn and improve, he/she will receive appropriate playing time.
  • Playing time may not be equal within a game based on the above factors.
  • Players should have opportunities to start multiple games.
  • Players should receive at least 50% playing time throughout the course of the season.



Player Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct

Coaches Code of Conduct

 U15 Age Group will have a Spring league season and may have a  modified training schedule due to potential conflicting High School schedules.



All Richmond Kickers players and parents are expected to understand what is considered acceptable and what is not when engaging in social media activities. Your association with Richmond Kickers opens you up to an increased level of scrutiny and exposes Richmond Kickers in the same way. It is your responsibility to ensure that anything that you say or post on social media is not inappropriate in any way towards Richmond Kickers, Richmond Kickers membership, Richmond Kickers affiliates or the overall soccer community. When in doubt please contact Richmond Kickers for clarification.


Long-term player development is the number one goal of the Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club. All Richmond Kickers teams follow the club wide Richmond Kickers Player Development Philosophy, Style and Principles of play. RKYSC player development program is divided into three stages: 

  • ZONE 1 – U9-U12 age groups
  • ZONE 2 – U13-U15 age groups
  • ZONE 3 – U16-U19 age groups

Furthermore, the RKYSC player development program encompasses Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological aspects of the game that are specific to each stage and age group. These aspects ensure appropriate player development and progress over the entire course of the program. 


The goal of this stage is to provide ample opportunities for players to build a solid foundation that will ensure their future success. While teams always compete to win games, results are not the focus. During training sessions players work on learning soccer fundamentals and are then encouraged to try them in league and tournament play. During games, players are encouraged to take risks, to try out different things and to play with emotional freedom without undue pressure of winning games from coaches and parents. 


During this stage, the pace of player development quickens due to the acceleration of physical and mental maturation. Main emphases are on the development of individual skills under pressure of time, space and an opponent. During training sessions and games, players are encouraged to solve problems (decision making) within the context of the game or a particular situation on the field. Team tactics and various systems of play are introduced through the training program. The game should remain fun and enjoyable and players should have a passion for the game. 


This stage of player development is characterized by demanding and challenging training sessions and competitive matches. All individual skills are practiced, for the most part, at match speed and under match conditions. Coaches demand excellence from players in all aspects of individual skills while understanding that mistakes will happen. Training sessions involve technical functional and tactical functional training and a great deal of coaching is within 9 v 9 or 11 v 11 situations.



  • The RKYSC open tryout process will be held during March/April/May of each year to select players for the following playing season(Fall/Spring).
  • Tryouts are the final stage of the club's evaluation process.  All our players are evaluated over the course of the entire year.  Tryouts are generally used for players we are unfamiliar with (outside of the club).
  • Mid-season tryouts will be held at the discretion of the RKYSC Program Directors and respective coaches between the Fall and Spring seasons.
  • The RKYSC tryout process shall be open to all players and shall give equal consideration to each player without regard to race, religion, ethnic or social background, or economic status. 
  • If a player does not  make a team at a specific geographic location, they can try out at other locations.  

 *The Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club reserves the right to offer a guaranteed spot to any player whom the Program Directors deem qualified prior to the commencement of the open tryout process.*


  • Teams will be grouped according to player birth-date. Players born between January 1st and December 31st of a given year will constitute a single age group. 
  • There may be occasions where it is warranted to combine two age groups to ensure a sufficient number and caliber of players.
  • Birth Year and Season Matrix PDF


Players may be allowed to  “play up” if the program director decides it is in the best interest of the player and club.  


The RKYSC Travel program is guided by the club’s Executive Director, Leigh Cowlishaw.  In addition, to ensure that all technical goals of the club are achieved, the club employs the following Technical Staff:

U9/U10 and Futsal Director

Ross MacKenzie, USSF "B"

U11-U14 Boys and Girls Elite & U11-U12 Boys and Girls Classic Director Michael Burke, USSF "B"
U13-U14 Boys and Girls Classic Director Nick Rich, USSF "C"
U15-U19 Boys Director Mark Stollsteimer, NSCAA Premier
U15-U19 Girls Director Andy McIntosh, USSF "A"
Goalkeeper Director Errin Stanton
ADP & Camp Director Scott Thomsen, USSF- "B" 
Coaching Education Director Perry Richards, USSF "B"
Zone 1 Coordinator Julian Khalili, USSF "B"
Executive Director Leigh Cowlishaw, USSF "A"



RKYSC places high priority on hiring a qualified, licensed and knowledgeable coaching staff. The club provides strong support for the coaches by:

  • Promoting and funding coaching development through continuing education.
  • Providing other avenues for coaching development (mentoring).
  • Providing competitive pay scales based on experience, licensing and performance.
  • Providing a professional, supportive environment.


All tournaments will be selected by the club.

  • U9/U10 Teams have up to 2 tournaments/festivals included in the travel fee.
  • ADSL and NPL U13/14 teams have up to 4 tournaments included in the travel fee. The SOCA Blue Ridge Cup, Kickers River City Cup and The Ultimate Cup tournaments are mandatory. 
  • NPL U15-U19 teams have up to 4 tournaments included in the travel fee. The SOCA Blue Ridge Cup, Kickers River City Cup and The Ultimate Cup tournaments are mandatory. 
  • Elite teams U10-U19 may have up to 5 tournaments. 

 Teams competing in a tournament will not train the day after a tournament.

TOURNAMENT CALENDAR (Will be released at a later date)


Richmond Kickers U9 -10 players will participate scrimmages against other Kickers teams in the age group on the weekends in March.  The U11-U14 classic players will participate in scrimmages against other Kickers teams in the age group in January.  Players are encouraged to take advantage of these scrimmages in order to further develop their soccer skills and knowledge of the game. These scrimmages  are included in your travel fees.


The Richmond Kickers will provide Goalkeeping specific training during the fall and spring seasons for Elite and Classic level GK’s. 


Level Up is an innovative program designed to unite our club through a unique development environment that focuses on enhancing our EXPERIENCES, LEARNING, and CONNECTIONS. 

Experiences - Level Up will enhance our goal of player and development by conducting training sessions that provide our players and coaches different challenges and experiences outside their traditional team training format.  Through this process players and coaches will be recognized and identified for potential opportunities with different teams and programs.

Learning -  Level Up will improve players and coaches learning by providing opportunities for them to adapt to varying practice situations.  Skill development in soccer is directly associated with a player’s ability to adapt to, and manage themselves in environments that challenge them socially, emotionally, and psychologically.  

Connections - Level Up will allow all players/coaches more visibility to our full-time staff throughout the course of the year.  Level up provides an increased visibility and understanding of our players/coaches which can lead to recognition, and identification for new opportunities.

Level Up  - Level Up training sessions will always include the following:

  • Club Values R.E.A.C.T (Respect, Enjoyment, Accountability, Competitive, Teamwork)

  • Game Based Methodology

  • Principles of play


The Richmond Kickers offer winter Futsal programming.  All programs (excluding certain camps) will be held at Liberation Church Outreach Ministry, located at 5501 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond. These programs are offered at an additional cost.

Futsal is one of the fastest growing games in the world and its fast-paced, high-energy format provides technical and tactical challenges that benefit a player’s long-term development.  The program will enable Richmond Kickers players to have an all-encompassing experience as a fun and exciting alternative challenge for players to continue their progression throughout the year. 

Richmond Kickers FUTSAL Programs:

  • Summer Camp - Open to all players
  • Winter League – Open  Kickers Travel Players Only
  • Winter Camp - Open to all players & ADP


Players selected for the Richmond Kickers FUTSAL program will participate in the FUTSAL RVA Winter League.  

Please refer to the FUTSAL page on the website for more information.

14. ODP 

Any player involved in ODP training activities must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • If there is a conflict between a club game and an ODP practice, the priority is the club.
  • If there is a conflict between a club practice and an ODP practice, the priority is ODP.
  • If there is a conflict between a club game and an ODP game, the priority should be decided by the club coach depending on the importance of the club game.

All Richmond Kickers players participating in the ODP programs are required to notify their coach and the appropriate Program Director of their participation in ODP and all potential conflicts as soon as possible.


All guest players must be approved by the appropriate Program Director.

  • A Richmond Kickers player is NOT ALLOWED to play for a non-Richmond Kickers team if there is a conflict with his/her current Richmond Kickers team.
  • A Richmond Kickers player is NOT ALLOWED to play against any other Richmond Kickers teams while guest playing for a non-Richmond Kickers team.
  • No manager may release a player card for guest playing without full approval from the appropriate Program Director.
  • Players will be suspended 1-3 games if he/she plays for any outside club or without approval from the Program Director.
  • Travel players may not guest play for recreation teams or play in recreation tournaments.


Members of the Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club (U15 and older) who desire to play collegiate soccer have the opportunity to be guided by the RKYSC College Guidance Advisors, – Boys & Girls and Mark Stollsteimer 804 237 3591


All Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Coaches, Parents and Players are required to follow the RKYSC Concussion Policy as posted on the Richmond Kickers Website.  

Please click here to review the Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club Concussion Policy.

  • All Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Coaches and Players will strictly abide by the following US Soccer Guidelines:U11 and Younger – US Soccer guidelines are that players in U11 programs and younger shall not engage in heading, either in practice or in games. (All ADSL U12 and U11 groups will not be permitted to head the ball.)
  • U12 & U13 Age Groups – US Soccer guidelines are for players in U12 & U13 programs that heading in training be limited to a maximum of 30 minutes per week with no more than 15 – 20 headers per day, per week.


Please click here to review the online travel fee and payment information for 2024 2025.

 Included in player fees is the CITY STADIUM+ Pass

  • Pass valued at $50.  Save up to $10 off matchday pricing for Richmond Kickers & W League RVA
  • 15% off Kickers and W League RVA merch online and at the City Stadium Store
  • Priority access & discounted pricing to special events at City Stadium (including exhibition and postseason matches.
  • Exclusive discounts and deals from our partners

If a player chooses to withdraw from the club , PLAYER FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE.


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