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2022 Technical Training Programs

ADP Technical Training: Ages 5-7
This is instructional training for talented and enthusiastic youth players. These sessions are offered to young players to provide a quality and enjoyable soccer environment, providing an outstanding introduction to soccer.
Ball Mastery Technical Training: Ages 8-14
Designed to make players confident and comfortable on the ball. The sessions will improve first touch, control and coordination.
Goalkeeping Technical Training: Ages 8-16
These sessions will focus on goalkeepers positioning, reactionary and blocked vision saves, agility, hand-eye coordination and ball distribution.
Recreational Technical Training: Ages 6-14

These introductory sessions for developing players provide age-appropriate instruction on the fundamental skills of soccer. Loads of fun with games, new skills and competition.

Technical Skills & Agility Training: Ages 8-14

Training sessions designed to make players confident and comfortable with their movements on and off the ball. This will help improve first touch, control, coordination, and speed.

Fall & Spring Technical Training: Ages 8-14

Supplemental sessions held outside of team training. Sessions focus on individual player development including creativity and technical execution. Training topic include dribbling, passing, receiving, finishing, defending, speed and agility etc.

These sessions are typically offered for one hour on Fridays during the fall and spring regular seasons.

For questions regarding Camps and Technical Training, please contact the Director at