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Tryout Policy


  • The RKYSC open tryout process will be held during March/April/May of each year to select players for the following playing season(Fall/Spring).
  • Tryouts are the final stage of the club's evaluation process.  All our players are evaluated over the course of the entire year.  Tryouts are generally used for players we are unfamiliar with (outside of the club).
  • Mid-season tryouts will be held at the discretion of the RKYSC Program Directors and respective coaches between the Fall and Spring seasons.
  • The RKYSC tryout process shall be open to all players and shall give equal consideration to each player without regard to race, religion, ethnic or social background, or economic status. 
  • If a player does not  make a team at a specific geographic location, they can try out at other locations.  

 *The Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club reserves the right to offer a guaranteed spot to any player whom the Program Directors deem qualified prior to the commencement of the open tryout process.*


  • Teams will be grouped according to player birth-date. Players born between January 1st and December 31st of a given year will constitute a single age group. 
  • There may be occasions where it is warranted to combine two age groups to ensure a sufficient number and caliber of players.
  • Birth Year and Season Matrix PDF


Players may be allowed to play in a higher age division “play up” if the program director decides it is in the best interest of the player and club.