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Colonial Cup - May 23-24, 2020

We would like all to remember all of  those who died serving our country, their families, friends, hence Memorial Day.  

This fantastic end of year event for both travel teams (club teams) and top level recreation teams will be held over Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday the 23rd, and Sunday the 24th, of May, 2020)   Our goal is to start matches after 8:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday!

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Boys & Girls U9/U10 $610 Champions & Finalists 50 Minutes
Boys & Girls U11 to U12 $640 Champions & Finalists 60 Minutes
Boys & Girls U13 to U14 $685 Champions & Finalists 70 Minutes

Payment must be made by check with team id #,  age group and team name as on the application indicated on check. Check must be received within 10 days of online application date. Clubs with multiple teams applying may send one check for the group.  Please indicate clearly which teams are being paid for on the check and follow the guidelines as listed above.  Checks are made payable to:

RKYSC - Tournaments
2001 Maywill Street, Suite 203
Richmond, VA 23230

  • Boys & Girls: U14, U13,  U12 (9v9), U11 (9 v 9), U10 (7 v 7) , U9 (7 v 7)
  • Players must be born in the year of their age group classification or in a later year.
  • Elite Travel (lower level elite teams only as the event is mainly for classic/mid level teams)
  • Classic Travel (Middle Level of Travel)
  • Challenge (New to Travel Soccer; travel teams)
  • Competitive Recreation  (High level recreation teams)
  • All teams must be affiliated with their appropriate governing soccer associations. Teams from outside of Region I must have a copy of the permission to travel form, signed by their association.
  • All teams must have current US Youth Soccer or approved organization Player Passes, or the appropriate National Association passes.
  • All teams must provide an official roster (2019 / 2020) that includes all traveling players and team officials signed or stamped by the appropriate registrar. (The new VYSA rosters are no longer stamped)
  • Teams that are members of organizations of the United States Soccer Federation but not members of US Youth Soccer (such as AYSO, SAY, US Club Soccer or Super Y Leagues) DO NOT have to have a US Youth Soccer Application To Travel form (although that team’s organization may require that the team have permission). Such a team roster does need to be provided to tournament officials, however, along with current passes from its organization and a tournament roster listing guest players.
  • Any USYS State Association team within Region I that is accepted into a tournament in Region I does not need permission to travel papers. Permission to Travel is not required for participation in friendly games within Region I.
  • US Club Soccer passes can not be used with USYA rosters, and USYSA passes can not be used with US CLub Soccer rosters.
  • Recreation Teams must have recreation player passes and original roster signed or stamped by their club registrar. Recreation passes do not require a photo to be attached, nor are they required to have the player signature per VYSA rulings. Recreation players must have a medical release form which does not have to be notarized.
  • U9-U10; Max roster = 14; Guests up to 5
  • U11-U12 (9 V 9); Max roster =18; Guests up to 5
  • U13-U14; Max roster = 18; Guests up to 5
  • Guest Player passes authorized by the respective soccer associations shall be verified and compared with the approved state roster at team registration.  Guest Player information must be written on the bottom of the "tournament roster" including name, DOB, Player ID  Number and Jersey Number;  All guest players must have a medical release form and player pass.  

We do not guarantee site locations for the teams in our event due to the magnitude of applications and the fact that we prefer to be flexible in order to help out coaches who have more than one team in our event.  While we do not guarantee coaching conflicts will be resolved, we have for the past several years attempted to make this a priority at the tournaments’ expense. To help us facilitate this process please make sure that the application information on completely accurate and clear for coaching conflicts.  We have a specific line item dedicated for applicants to complete on our tournament application.   There is no guarantee that special requests will be honored.  Teams choosing to commute will not be guaranteed a later start time on Saturday to allow for travel although we do try when possible.


Teams will check in online this year.  Online check in deadline is May 15th, 2020 No exceptions.  Teams that missed the online check in deadline must check in at the site of their first game on Saturday. Click here for Team Check-in Information

If a team misses the online check in process they must check in Saturday morning at the site coordinator’s tent.  Check in 45 minutes prior to your first game!

Team Representative must have present at registration:

  • Original and 2 copies of team roster (Guest Players to be written on the bottom of a “Tournament Roster” which will then be photo copied 2 times and submitted. DO NOT write on the original roster as issued by your association!) Guest players must be carded and eligible according to the  Tournament Rules.
  • All player passes (USYSA, US Club Soccer, or Recreation passes)
  • Permission to Travel forms if required (See rules).
  • Medical release forms for all players. (Your league forms are acceptable.)  Medical release forms for each participating player must be presented at team registration. Medical Release forms do not have to be notarized.** A Physician’s release must also be presented during registration for any player wearing a cast. (see cast rule) This release must be available for a match official to review. The final decision on whether the player may participate will be up to the match official.

All tournament apparel will be available onsite.  


For the 2020 Colonial Cup Tournament, the primary means of accomplishing administrative functions will be via Internet and e-mail in the gotsoccer system.  All teams must ensure that this contact information is correct in gotsoccer application.    If there are any changes to the primary point of contact please  email them to the Tournament Director; Tish Schrock at 


In the event a team withdraws from the tournament prior to the acceptance posting the team will receive a refund less a $35.00 administrative fee within 45 days of the event. If a team withdraws after the acceptance posting, no refund will be issued.



The tournament will do its best to schedule three (3) games for each team. However, if an unforeseen event such as weather or late dropout causes the cancellation of any game or all games, the tournament is not liable and no refund is guaranteed. 

Team acceptances will handled on a rolling basis. Confirmation of team acceptance will be emailed no later than May 1st, 2020

As always, the Richmond Kickers Soccer Club looks forward to hosting your team / club over Memorial Day weekend in our beautiful city.  Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact Tish Schrock.

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