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Life Skills


Sports provide a great environment for kids to develop character. However, character is not learned unless it is taught. The Little Kicks Curriculum introduces these positive virtues that sports can encourage. Our quality instructors (who are solid role-models) build a foundation for these important Life Skills that are proven to help children succeed on the field, in the classroom and in life.


1. Have Confidence: Believe in your abilities. YOU CAN DO IT! You can do it well.
2. Respect Others: Do to them what you would like them to do to you (GOLDEN RULE). Admire – polite –considerate-appreciate. Polite behavior towards someone you admire (authority). Students show respect to their teacher by not talking when she talks.
3. Positive Attitude: Smile and be happy, even when you don’t get your way. Your feelings about something.
4. Share: Let your friends and teammates use your stuff. Allow someone to use something you own.
5. Play Fair: following the rules. Honest behavior. Not cheating.
6. Be Kind: Attractive, enjoyable, caring, pleasant, friendly, nice. Showing you care about other people. (GOLDEN RULE)
7. Listen: Follow the instructions of your parents, teachers and coaches. Don’t make them have to tell you twice. Pay attention. Hear and responds to commands. Listen carefully to the instructions.
8. Be Honest: Always tell the truth. Truthful way of behaving, speaking and thinking. Not lying.
9. Try Hard: Work until the work is done. Attempt to do it with all your effort. Attempt things that are difficult. An effort to do something.
10. Have Fun: Smile, be happy and enjoy what you are doing.  Enjoyable activity. Be someone that others want to be around.
11. Be Brave: Don’t be paralyzed by fear (overcome fear and act amidst danger). Choose to make an effort even though there is risk.
12. Work Together: Help each other to the goal. Celebrate in your teammate’s victory. Cooperate. Cooperation makes the group stronger.