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Kickers Youth Q&A: Technical Training

By, 12/16/20, 9:45AM EST


Owusu Sekyere Talks About Training Program for All Players

Director of Technical Training and Camps, Owusu Sekyere answered our questions about the Technical Training program offered by the Kickers Youth Club. 
What is technical training?
Technical Training are supplemental sessions held outside of team training. Sessions focus on individual player development including creativity, technical execution and improving their confidence on and off the ball. Training topics include ball manipulation, dribbling, defending, finishing, passing, receiving, speed and agility etc. 
How is it different from a regular training session?
There is a lower ratio of players to coaches with the coaches focusing more on individual players technique than team structure or shape.
What are the benefits of technical training?
Individual development, increased soccer intelligence, improved finishing and dribbling moves, passing/receiving and defending techniques from distance and close range. This program allows players to learn new skills while increasing their confidence in each skill that they perform. Players learn to show off their craft.
How are plans put together for different age groups?
Players are put in groups based on their skill level with age-appropriate drills and sessions. The curriculum for these sessions incorporates fun and challenging drills as players work through a series of exercises from the basic to advanced levels.
What would you tell a player that isn't sure if they need to do technical training?
This program is intended for all players, from new to soccer to recreation to travel level players. We offer a variety of sessions that are good opportunities for a player to familiarize themselves with technical training while learning and improving on their technique and confidence on the ball.
Where did the idea for doing these sessions come from?
Individual development of players has always been my passion and I enjoy helping players improve their confidence and technical proficiency on the soccer ball.
What are the next steps for a player after doing technical training?
The next steps are not only for players to develop new skills but also utilize and improve the new learned techniques and form in their team environments.
What can players expect?
Players work independently to perform a series of skill activities (passing, dribbling, ball striking, defending) with no pressure. Players are then put in a low-pressure environment, such as 1v1 or 2v1 situations. These situations allow players to focus on form before testing skills in more realistic settings and team environments. 
Sessions are typically offered for one hour on Fridays during the fall and spring regular seasons. Additional sessions are offered throughout the summer and winter breaks.

If you have any questions about Technical Training, you can contact Owusu Sekyere at