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At Home Training

Soccer is such a big part of all of our lives and we are all missing the everyday interactions with the players, parents and coaches. Not being able to spend time with the teams has been very challenging for us and we know that all players miss meeting their friends and having fun at practice.

It is the Richmond Kickers role in these difficult times to continue to provide a soccer environment that inspires and develops our players, helping them to continue to improve.  Achieving this goal together will have a huge impact on the lives of our players, families and coaches and help us all remain positive through this difficult time.

The Program Directors below are leading these age group specific initiatives with innovative and challenging At Home Training projects and assignments:

Technical/Individual Training

Program Directors will provide age-appropriate exercises and drills for players to work on at 9am Monday and 4pm Thursday every week. There will also be a club wide challenge each week and players have already had a lot of fun trying to beat the technical staff in the #30secondjuggle and #JuggleItOn

Our staff are using existing YouTube resources, and also creating our own content with Kickers youth players demonstrating individual training and practice. Our goal is to keep our At Home Training fresh, and to motivate the players to train hard and stay connected with their friends and teammates.

Match Analysis and Discussion

Program Directors are providing innovative ways to encourage players to think about the game and talk about the game with teammates and friends. Watching soccer is a key part of developing game understanding, and texting and chatting about games will be a great way for our players to stay connected and together. We will also be including highlight clips and videos on our YouTube channel.

Fitness/Balance/Strength Training

Similar to the Technical/Individual Training, we are also providing creative ideas for our oldest age groups to ensure they can stay physically active and fit for soccer. This is a great time for our older players to take complete ownership of their soccer fitness. 

The most important priority right now is the safety and wellness of our players and families. If we can help with anything, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email your child’s program director directly.


U15-U19 Girls


U11-U14 Girls

U15-U19 Boys

Little Kicks/U4-U5

U11-U14 Boys